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Casey was born in Brynmawr and raised on a small horse farm in New York's rural Hudson Valley. Looking back, Casey attributes much of his passion for Real Estate a high school program designed to introduce youth to emerge themselves into a topic of their interests outside of the classroom. As a fan of 'Million Dollar Listing' fan the idea of being an agent, it only seemed fitting that Casey sought out several local agents to work and learn from, one agent saw his passion and made arrangements to gift a big opportunity to work with an actual Billion Listing agent. A small town high schooler with a project and a passion started by a phone call, landed him at Corcoran Group known for founder, American businesswoman, consultant, investor, speaker, author and TV personality from NBC's show 'The Shark Tank', Barbara Corcoran. Corcoran casually built her empire from a $1,000 dollar loan from her boyfriend into a multi-billion dollar brokerage. 


At the Corcoran Group, Casey learned the ins and outs of the industry and used his natural charm and skills to excel in the competitive world of real estate. Touring New York City's finest condos, hosting fabulous Broker's opens, and jetting across the city getting caught in the magic of New York and sparking his passion for the business..

However, Casey's journey to success faced some challenges along the way. After completing an internship in the vibrant city of New York, the high cost of living became a significant hurdle. Without a steady income or financial support from student loans or parents, affording school and housing seemed like an insurmountable task for the young 17-year-old, eventually leading to a period of homelessness. Despite these hardships, Casey remained resilient, relying on the kindness of both friends and strangers to navigate each day. Sleeping on park benches and searching for spare change among friends' couches, Casey could only afford a humble meal of rice and sauce from a local Chinese takeout. Through this experience, Casey learned the true value of resilience and the importance of finding a supportive community, even during the most challenging times.

Following the challenging period of homelessness, Casey discovered an opportunity for employment at Keller Williams, a highly regarded real estate agency. It was there that Casey gained the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive as an agent. Inspired by the chance to help others find their dream homes, even without having one of their own, Casey found immense fulfillment in assisting individuals in creating a better life for themselves. With every new encounter, Casey's reputation grew as a knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated professional who always prioritized the well-being of their clients. The joy of successfully closing deals and helping clients discover their perfect homes became Casey's greatest source of happiness. Fueled by a passion for the industry and a deep desire to assist others, Casey stood out in the highly competitive world of real estate. Having personally experienced the significance of having a home when lacking one, Casey's unwavering commitment lies in helping everyone find their rightful place in the world, because we are not home until we are all home.

2022 top 100 BRAG Broker Agent Advisor Seven Star Award

Are you or someone you know homeless or at risk of homelessness?

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